Street Culture Book

"A Lifestyle of Authenticity"

“Street style is a creative expression that presents the opportunity to project who are, where we’ve been, and where we are going. Often times it’s an outward expression of our experiences and lineage. I enjoy capturing subjects who’s personal style expresses this ideal the most.” ~Seleen Saleh

‘Street Culture’ gives light to the original runway that inspires modern day fashion. There is an  overload of color and style, by the pioneers and ‘who’s who’ of the global fashion community.During a time when diversity in the fashion industry has become a major topic of discussion globally, ‘Street Culture’ was created to give a space to those whose contributions may or may not be known.This book is about documenting a movement in time that will continue to blossom and grow. A time of resilience, style, and celebrating culture. ‘​Street Culture​’ by Seleen Saleh, is available Spring of 2020 and distributed globally by Goff Books.

Seleen has that eye that catches the intricacies of style; she notices the subtle details that make one coat stand out from another; she understands why the loud prints aren't just cacophony but a great tune which you won't get out of your head. To be seen by Seleen's lens is to be celebrated. And I for one, am grateful for the continuous celebration!"

~Bozoma Saint John

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"Seleen is one the the first people in the industry to capture street style authentically...I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful people showing their own personal style and representing how we influence culture at large"

~Jerome Lamar

"Being captured by Seleen's lens was always an indication that I was in the right place at the right time and that I killed the look that day. She has an eye for style and art and exudes it in her work. I'm excited for this beautiful collection of Seleen's art to be shown and available for the world."

~Ugo Mozie

"Over the last 9 years, (Seleen) has captured moments that I will never forget. This collection of images reflects a moment in time and in fashion that tells a story of truth."

~Ty Hunter

"What is "street style" without a great street and great style? I've always seen Seleen as someone who has that unique eye for capturing that brief moment before we end up at the party or after the event, knowing what street to be on and what angle to center people around that matches with the environment. This work reminds me that Instant shooting with organic light isn't easy, leave it to the street legends."

~Young Paris

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