Street Culture Book release 4/2020

I had the pleasure to be on the #JuneandSummer show on IGLive on May 8th 2020. June has been so pivotal in my career. When I started shooting street style for ESSENCE.COM in 2009/2010 she was one of the first people that I met that really carved the way for influencers. She was charismatic, had such amazing style, worked with photographers and journalist. She basically created the path that later became so lucrative for future influencers. June as a native New Yorker at the helm of many booms in different industries. Saw what fashion week was becoming and really pushed it forward in her own way. During that time her children were very young and she just brought them to the shows. Which at the time was somewhat frowned upon. Now a days it is more common.

I had the pleasure to discuss with her my book Street Culture which was published this May 2020. I will add a video recap of this please visit my IG @seleen.saleh and check out my IGTV posts.

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