Seleen Saleh is most recognized for her pioneering contributions in documenting ‘Street Style’ for Essence Magazine, the leading fashion and style publication for Black Women for 50 years. In her teen years Saleh spent much of her time collecting inspirations of fashion from around the world,and turned these images into paintings of her own. She later studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. It was there that she began to merge her love of fashion and art with photography.Soon after, her captivating photographic images captured the attention of leading publications allowing Saleh to cross over into the editorial publishing world. Her work would be featured in major publications such as British Vogue, Elle UK, PeopleMagazine, and of courseEssence.

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‘Street Culture’ Seleen's first published book, gives light to the original runway that inspires modern day fashion. There is an overload of color and style, by the pioneers and ‘who’s who’ of the global fashion community.During a time when diversity in the fashion industry has become a major topic of discussion globally,‘Street Culture’ was created to give a space to those whose contributions may or may not be known.This book is about documenting a movement in time that will continue to blossom and grow. A time of resilience, style, and celebrating culture. ‘​Street Culture​’ by Seleen Saleh, is available now and distributed globally by Goff Books.


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